Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm gonna be changing to livejournal soon. Re-link ya?

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Handling TPs

Work Station

Weight loss programme

2birds, a flower and a meteorite

Static Electric. :D

Talking abt Leeches !

Work has been okay so far. Monday we had smth like 60 plus taxpayers. Dropped slightly to 50smth on Tuesday. But today.. ! Mygosh! Only 31?!!?!?! HAHAHA. Not that I'm complaining, we had fun doing alot of crazy stuff. Teddy Bears, Leeches, Oragami and what nots were all in discussion.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step Up2 was damn nice! Its a definite must watch. Unless of cos you cant appreciate dance. Caught it with Joseph, Vicky and Kai Wen.

I'll talk more about that later. Gotta go do smth now..


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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Okay. So work wasnt that bad. In fact it was good. Made three new friends today. Shang, JJ and Madalene. They were great. I guess they could feel I felt abit awkward cos its like flooding with NYP people around and I'm the only SP one around. So everyone sort of has a clique. Zz.. Evon going for some school trip so couldnt join me to work. So yeah. I'm aloneee...

they made me felt v comfortable around them and everything. I must admit it took awhile to break the ice. But yeahhh. Working together really works wonders. We were like fooling around while setting up the station and everything. Typing in Chinese blah blah. We found out that all four of us were quite pathetic in out mother tongue. LOL. Can't really blame us la. We are from poly, they are year 2 and year3s and haven touched our mother tongues in like eons.

Oh! I just gotta add that our room is damn pathetic. Almost as bad as our mother tongue. No no.. make that worse. LOL. Its so squeezy la. Had to do some arranging and everything. However, after the re and rearranging and after we on-ed the air-con, sat down and started chatting, it became rather comfortable. Okay, I'm contradicting but yeahh. You get me. :D

Anyway, for lunch had some curry chicken noodles at a newly opened hawker. However, that stall has been on TV before and true enough, its not bad.

Here's an announcement. Anyone who wants to E-FILE (maybe its more of your parents) come to TOA PAYOH CENTRAL CC find me ! :D

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey peoples :D
I just came back frm my first day at work. It is really really bad. Boring and everything.
To make things worse, there are like 10 ppl frm NYP. So they all got their own cliques. LOL. Oh well. I have my hp to keep me company. :D

Its quite a boring day. I reached there around 8. Met Benjamin and his fren there. We went high high up to register and settle admin stuff before splitting up. Three of us got split up la. Anyway, the two "lecturers" were okay la. Quite soft-spoken but ya.. understandable. I was like dosing off every couple of mins. Pretty bad. I missed the only new point that I told myself to stay awake for. LOL. Now I gotta flip thru my 57 pages of notes to look for it. Smth to do with the GST offset package.

Anyway, I'm posted to Toa Payoh CC. So you peoples can come disturb me abit if you're arnd there and I'm not too busy. Hopefully it would be less busy tho. I hoping for about 20 odd 30 TPs a day? Last year I took somewhere abt 50-60 a day? Stress. hahaa

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

HM.. I didn't really do much today. I went to find winnie at her bazaar. We went to Cathay to eat BnJ. I was supposed to meet Hanson there anyway. So yeahh. While walking, we actl bumped into Hanson. They both met before so no intro was needed.

Then three of us eating BnJs. The seats v hard then winnie kept complaining after that. LOL.
After BnJs, Hanson and I went to eat jAP for dinner :D We walked all the way from The Cathay to Suntec after that. Took us around 20mins? We were like retards. Crossing the wrong road and running back.

Point is we got to suntec and it was damnnit crowded there la! Had a look at Sony's booth. The new TZ series impressed me. The price however didnt. $3699 like nearly $1000 over budget for those mini laptops. Ipods were as usual. The one I want is around $238? Parents say go look at SimLim. HAHA.

The most frustrating thing is that both parents do not want me to own a PSP! Zz. I'm always uber bored on the train listening to songs and everything. I need smth to amuse myself awhile. Watch a show. Play a game. SOMETHING DAMMNIT. and PSP is a something which my parents don't want me to buy. Which means I gotta raise my own funds. Takes time and I don't like waiting. ZZZ.

Oh well. Not sure if I wanna meet Hanson agn tmr. :P
He wants go tanning. I want go gym. HAHA.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Ystd was quite a fruitful day. Managed to do quite a few things. I went to gym in the morning and rushed down to SP for a meeting later. During the meeting we... or rather, I found out smth. Well, actl I noticed alr la. Budden Alwin confirmed. :P Then yeah, it was all amusing.

After the meeting I was so tempted to not change and just go straight to MF. Partially cos Tzuling called la. Then she like going back alone. I felt bad. But yeah. I still decided to go back and change first. So I did. By the time I left my hse agn was like arnd 4.30pm? I reached MF abt 5.10pm. Then they were like having this council meeting and Tzuling sat in. so I paiseh go over la. Its like all of them were so serious then yeah.. Waited for Zhi wen to come before making our way over there. :D Caught up with Ms Sim abit but she had to leave early. Hope to see her soon lehh. Since I'm still having hols.

Then talked to quite a few other teachers. Really reminds me of past secondary school days. To think I used to feel Sec school was bad and everything. I think life in tertiary institute is much worse. I rmb complaining when I got let of at like 2 smth? Now if I leave school at around 3 smth 4 I'd be super happy. HAHA.

Anyway, during BBQ, my batch de people very little came. Then we kinda felt out of place. Most of them were the recent batch of 'O' lvl-ers. Tho I knew some its still yeahh. Anyway during the BBQ one of the fire was like huge la. Then Tzuling and I trying our best to ask them add more charcoal and toss the charcoal so fire will settle down but nobody really did it. We both ended up burning ourselves tryin to cook some chicken. Tasted pretty ok actl. I thot it would be too raw. LOL. Atikah came like around 7.30pm Luckily she came, otherwise I would have attended the comm meeting alone. Zz. The good thing is that everyone there was mostly the recent 'O' lvl-ers batch. So they kinda volunteered each other for various post which leaves the rest of us pretty well off :DDDDD

Not that I do not wanna help. But I'm busy as well. Being too invovled will make it worse. Winnie was like late. When she came most of the food was gone. Since I asked her to come down for the BBQ and Atikah had to leave early, I followed her to eat Macs. Although both of us are in SP, we quite seldom see each other. So it was nice to see her. HAHA. Hot babe? LOL.

Anyway on speech day, there will be this dinner thing thing. Tzuling asking me to go. I'm not too sure tho. Its not the price. Its like friday and fridays I may be busy. I agreed to go la. At the moment I don't rmb anything on :D

This week really brought me back to the good ol days in secondary school. Seeing Hafiz and Darren on Tues, Going back MF and seeing familiar faces on thurs. Everywhere in AMK and in MF is filled with memories. Stupid things we done and everything. Its exactly like what winnie said. The tears, the smiles and the laughter all of us had will always remain there.


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